Cables and wires must be constructed to withstand the harsh and demanding environments often found in underground and surface mining.

Mining companies typically operate in abusive environments and expose cables to adverse weather and rugged, isolated terrain. The equipment used in this industry often stresses the mechanical properties of cables and wires in such areas as abrasion, impact, vibration, and tension. HELUKABEL offers reliable and high-performing cable and wire solutions that withstand the conditions found in such a rigorous operating environment, such as the numerous chemicals used in solvent extraction, flotation, mineral collection and depression. Additionally, our cables are low smoke, zero halogen (LSZH) and do not emit toxins when exposed to flames.

From power and portable cords to control and welding cables, and accessories, HELUKABEL has the products, with the proper certifications, such as SANS 507-1 and NRS 034-1, that your company needs when extracting precious metals and minerals from beneath the surface of the Earth.

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