Braid Coverage

It's an easy decision to make when the quality is visible; but what about the performance you cant see?

Both cables above are made to British Standards with the GSWB designed to give mechanical protection. HELUKABEL's standard is ≥ 70% braid coverage. Without an informed minimum, you can see what you're leaving yourself open to!

Braided cables cover a wide range of applications and are used in many different cable types, including:

  • CY cables - EMC compliant with 85% CWB coverage.
  • Drag chain cables - tested up to 10 million alternating cycles.
  • PVC control cables (JZ-600 Range) - rated for external uese and 600 - 1000V applications
  • Heat resistant cables - rated upto 1100°C.
  • Specialised/custom cables for specific applications using a variety of materials, such as: TM2/TM5, PVC, PUR, TMPU, TPE, EM8, EPR, PE etc.