Cable for protecting the Aldabra Atoll

Cable for hybrid system comprising photovoltaics and a diesel engine

Azure-blue water, palm trees, sunshine and a fascinating ecological system with 97 species of birds and the famous Aldabra giant tortoise: the necessity of protecting the biodiversity of the Aldabra Atoll, part of the Seychelles, was already recognised in 1982 by UNESCO and consequently declared as a World Cultural Heritage site. Since then, the Seychelles Island Foundation (SIF) has been taking care of the preservation of this wonderful atoll. To achieve sustainable research, a hybrid system for power supply comprising photovoltaics and a diesel engine was installed in October 2011.

HELUKABEL® is very pleased to be able to provide a suitable custom wire for this project. Project leader Christina Quanz (SIF) describes the reason for selecting HELUKABEL® as the supplier for the project: “HELUKABEL® exhibits great committment in implementing our requirements and in the direct coordination with other project partners. We also found excellent customer support and the fast reaction times to our inquiries convincing. With the GREENLINE product line, HELUKABEL® offers additional solutions in the sector of renewable energies.