Industrial Cables & Wires

Our extensive range of industrial wires & cables includes products such as control cables, data and computer cables, drag chain cables, motor, servo & feedback cables, all-weather and rubber cables, and single cores, as well as internationally approved cables.

Flexible Control Cables

  • PVC Control Cables
  • PUR Control Cables
  • Halogen-free Control Cables
  • PVC Control Cables for Intrinsically Safe Circuits
  • Bio-Oil and Microbial Resistant Cables

Data and Computer Cables

  • PVC Data Cables
  • Special PVC Data Cables
  • Special Data Transmission Cables
  • PE-insulated Data Cables
  • Special PVC Connecting Cables
  • PVC/PUR Control Cables
  • Industry-Electronic Cables
  • Halogen-Free Data Transmission Cables

Cables for Drag Chains

  • PVC Drag Chain Cables
  • PUR Drag Chain Cables
  • Bio-Oil and Microbial Resistant Drag Chain Cables

Motor, Servo & Feedback Cables

  • PVC & PUR Motor Power Supply Cables
  • Servo Cable
  • Feedback Cable
  • Drag Chain Feedback Cables
  • EMC Motor Power Cables

Heat-resistant Cables

  • Silicone multi-core cables, with steel braiding
    or screened up to +180 °C
  • Control and connecting cable, cross-linked
    up to +145 °C
  • Special core insulation for high temperatures
    up to +400 °C

Allweather and Rubber Cables

  • Rubber Cables
  • Drum Cables
  • Elevator Control Cables

Trailing Cables

  • Trailing Cables
  • PUR Trailing and Control Cables
  • Special Crane Drum Cables
  • Medium-Voltage Power Cable

Robot Cables

  • Roboflex Recycle
  • Special TPE-E/PUR Robot Cables
  • Halogen-Free Robot Cables
  • Sewer Robot Cables

Water resistant Cables

  • Submersible-Pump Cables
  • Waterproof Rubber-Sheathed Cables

Flat and Ribbon Cables

  • Special PVC Flat Cable
  • Special Neoprene Flat Cable
  • Round, Special Flat Ribbon Cable

Single Conductors

  • PVC Single Cores
  • PUR Single Cores
  • Rubber Insulated Single Cores
  • Flexible and Heat-Resistant Single Cores
  • Special Silicon Single Cores

Compensating Cables

  • PVC, silicone and other special insulations for specific applications

Cables According to International Approvals

  • UL/CSA Control Cables
  • UL/CSA Data Cables
  • UL/CSA Heat-Resistent Cables
  • UL/CSA Rubber Cables
  • UL/CSA Cables for Drag Chains
  • UL/CSA Single Conductors
  • UL/CSA Servo, Feedback & Motor Cables
  • British Standard Cables

Sensor, Actuator and Distributor Cables

  • PVC, PUR, PVC/PUR Cables
  • PVC, PUR, PVC/PUR Two-Approval Cables
  • Halogen-Free Drag Chain Cables

Airport Cables 400 Hz

  • 400 Hz Airport Cables
  • 400 Hz Trailing Cables for Airports

Truck Cables

  • PVC, Low-Voltage Cables
  • PUR, Low-Voltage Cables
  • Flat Battery Cables