Cables and Wires for all industries

We currently design, manufacture and supply cable, wire and cable accessories that are suitable for a wide variety of markets and applications. Additionally, our extensive warehouse stock enables us to supply your needs within extremely short delivery times.


Sensitive and sophisticated electronics require durable and reliable cable systems that can handle the high mechanical stress and repetitive movements of automation.


Supplying the leading global chemical companies with cables resistant to harsh materials.


The electronics industry requires cables and wires that can handle fast-paced, precise movements while maintaining the highest level of cleanliness.

Renewable Energy

Our renewable energy cables and have been specially developed to withstand the tough conditions of the solar and wind environments.

Event, Theatre & Stage Engineering

Event engineering deals with the technical planning and execution of events, e.g. at parties, concerts or trade fairs or in theatres.

Food & Beverage

The production of food is subject to complex food laws and intense quality control, which includes the cable products we produce specifically for this industry.

Machine Construction

Complex industrial manufacturing equipment requires products that provide a high level of performance and flexibility, both of which HELUKABEL® can meet and exceed.

Plant Construction

We supply high quality cable products specifically designed to work within the requirements of your facility.


We work with our partners who require robotic automation in their operations to develop pre-assembled cable protection systems for robots and handling systems.

Shipbuilding/Offshore Platforms

Power and data cables that withstand the challenges of operating equipment built for marine use.


The steel industry is an international economic engine that requires cables be resistant to extreme temperatures among many mechanical stresses.


The method of moving people and goods from one place to another requires cable to work reliably, and be toxic free in case of emergency.