Cable manufacturing in Germany and China

We have been fabricating electrical cables and wires to established high standards in our own plant since 1988. Some 150 qualified employees are specially trained to manufacture a broad range of wires that satisfy the most stringent requirements. We manufacture cables and wires using both standard and special materials in our 10,000 m² production space and meet every possible expectation.

We offer our customers products to practically every standard and regulation. Our range is rounded out by special-purpose cables produced to customer requirements. It goes without saying that no product leaves our premises without having been tested. We employ both standard measuring procedures and special testing equipment in our large-scale dynamic testing centre to verify the existence of the specified properties.

Production site Germany

Cable manufacturing "made in Germany" at our state-of-the-art production sites in Windsbach and Meissen.

Production site China

Produced for the Asian region - cable manufacturing at our production site in Taicang China