Electrical engineering

EPLAN is the powerful CAE software that has supported electrical engineering for more than 20 years. Before the new CAE dimension - EPLAN Electric P8 - was presented in 2006, users in the field of electrical engineering design worked worldwide with two different systems from EPLAN Software & Service.

HELUKABEL provides data for EPLAN electric P8

The established software is widely used and was considered the standard in many branches, such as the automotive industry. Some EPLAN users still work with EPLAN 5 that is, however, not being developed further as a system and merges in the new EPLAN Electric P8. EPLAN 5 as a drawing-oriented system allows for the combined processing of graphics, technical, commercial, and logic information for electrotechnical construction and documentation.

HELUKABEL provides data for EPLAN electric P8

EPLAN Electric P8 offers unlimited possibilities for project planning, documentation, and management of automation projects. With your choice of graphical or object orientation as well as refined platform technology, this high-end system is breaking new ground in electrical engineering. Its unique functional scope and direct connection to fluid and EMSR technology now makes interdisciplinary work a reality. Data from earlier planning phases can simply be imported using interfaces like ODBC, XML, or Excel – for consistency and perfect integration.