Technic of Fibre Optic Measurement

POF 980/1000µm

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Measuring instrument toolbox POF with TCOP 255 adapter
Measuring instrument toolbox POF
The good characteristics and the precise coupling to ready-made fibre-optic cables with the exchangeable adapter system allow using the signal generators and receiver in a variety of applications, such as installation control, quality control, attenuation measurements of fibre-optic cables, laboratory tests, or testing visual transmitters and receivers.
Norms and standards

Measuring instrument OPM1:

  • Optical power measuring instrument
  • 660nm and 850nm calibrated wavelengths
  • M12 change adapter connector
  • 25mm x 50mm LC display
  • Plastic housing
  • sturdy plastic sleeve
  • simple operation

Signal generator MS100HU:

  • Stabilized power source
  • 1, 10, 20 kHz modulating frequency
  • BNC female connector
  • 9V battery operation or ext. power pack
  • 25mm x 50mm LC display
  • Plastic housing
  • sturdy plastic sleeve
  • simple operation
The output of the signal generator is a modulatable power source, which creates a stabilized optical power output by means of an LED adapter. With the micro process technology used, the measuring instrument permits the measurement of two wavelengths as well as the display of the absolute power in 5W or dBm. For relative power measurements, the measured value is dispalyed in dB. A change adapter system permits connecting all common fibre-optic cable plug connectors. Systems like TCOP 155, F-SMA, ST, HFBR, F05/ F07 or SC are available.
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Measuring instrument case POF/ TOCP 255/F07


Messgerätekoffer POF/ ST


Messgerätekoffer POF/ F05


Messgerätekoffer POF/ HFBR 4531


Messgerätekoffer POF/F-SMA