HELUWIND® WK 103w-Torsion


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HELUWIND® WK 103w-Torsion 1x25 mm² (4 AWG) BK  Part no. 706337

Technical data
  • Temperature range
    flexing -35°C to +90°C
    fixed installation -40°C to +90°C
    installation -20°C to +90°C
  • Permissible conductor operating
  • Nominal voltage
    VDE U0/U 0,6/1 kV
    UL 1000 V
  • Test voltage
    core/core 4000 V
  • Highest permissible voltage
    - DC:
       Conductor/Conductor 1,8 kV
       Conductor/Earth 0,9 kV 
    - AC: Conductor/Earth 0,7 kV 
    - Three-phase: Conductor/Conductor 1,2 kV
  • Minimum bending radius
    flexing 8x cable Ø
    fixed installation 4x cable Ø
  • Torsion application
    +/- 140° per 1m
  • Approvals
    Singlecore UL Style 10678 (to 300 mm²)
    Multicore UL Style 21179
  • Flame test
    FT1, VW-1, IEC 60332-1-2
Cable structure
  • Special bare copper conductor,
    acc. to IEC 60228
  • Special heat-resistant insulation
  • Core identification: see table
  • Multiconductors cabled
  • Sheath: special heat-resistant compound
  • Sheath colour: black
  • UV resistant
  • Multi-climate operation
  • Torsion tested
  • Flame retardant
  • Oil resistant
  • Recyclable
  • Easy to assemble
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The WK 103w-Torsion has been designed for flexible use, and specifically for torsional load in the cable loop of a wind power plant. The voltage level has been configured as 0.6/1 kV for all dimensions, which means that the cables can also be laid in parallel in compliance with UL standards. It is no longer necessary to separate the cable routes. The WK series has been successfully tested for more than 18,000 torsion cycles and thus offers optimum operational reliability far beyond the service life of the wind power plant.
CE = Product conforms with Low-Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU.
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