Fishing Trawler Drag Kite

Drag kite for fishing trawler

At home on all Seven Seas

The "Maartje Theodora", at 141 m Germany's largest fishing vessel, has been fitted with the innovative SkySails system. The drag kit drive, for which HELUKABEL® developed a special drag cable with control cable to hold and steer the 160 m² kite, has proven its capability in the 18-month pilot test on board the "MS Beluga".

The sail generates a tensile force of 8 tonnes, equivalent to the thrust generated by an Airbus A318 engine. "We are expecting use of the SkySails system to achieve significant fuel cost saving, especially over the long voyages to the African coast and to the South Pacific and the wider perspective of fishing applications. Likewise, we are able to make drastic reductions in CO2 emissions each year, thereby making a significant contribution to climate protection", says Diederik Parlevliet (CEO) of the fishing company Parlevliet & Van der Plas B.V.