Corona Virus Information

First, we hope that you and your families are all safe, healthy and respecting the advice of health officials in order to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. For us at HELUKABEL, the health of our employees, families and friends, as well as the reliable support of our business partners has the highest priority.

Due to this outbreak, we have implemented the following measures:

  • Our sophisticated IT and communication infrastructure enable our team to work remotely from home while maintaining full operational capacity.
  • We have instructed our Sales, Marketing, Quality, IT and Finance teams to take advantage of our IT infrastructure and continue their responsibilities from home. This is in accordance with the Government of Ontario.
  • This was a seamless process and none of our business partners will experience any difference in service.
  • Our warehouse and distribution operations remain fully functioning, and will continue to fulfill any requests and orders at the highest level of service.
  • To promote the health and safety of our employees, we have provided COVID-19 educational and awareness materials to our entire team. We have also intensified cleaning/disinfecting protocols throughout our offices and warehouse operations.
  • We have not experienced any production or delivery delays related to the COVID-19 situation and will notify you immediately should we see a potential delay.

Non-HELUKABEL employees are not permitted inside our offices for the time being.

All sales staff has cancelled face-to-face meetings for the immediate future, but will continue to check in with you to verify how we can be of assistance during this critical time.

We will continue to keep you informed and abreast of any updates as it pertains to the current situation. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions and/or requests for support.

Kind Regards,

HELUKABEL Canada, Inc.