Solutions for the agricultural industry

Hybrid cable for data transmission between tractor and accessory equipment. This cable connects tractors, combines, sprayers and other farm vehicles to their implements at the front and rear of the machine. The ISOBUS applications include: wheel sensors, auto steer and turnaround, GPS navigation, row guidance, equipment monitoring and sensors, video input, and well as fleet management to name a few.


  • Durable connecting cable between tractor and accessory equipment
  • Hybrid configuration
  • Reliable data transmission due to optimum wire insulation
  • Star quad design and break-away function according to ISO 11783-2
  • Abrasion- and wear- resistant PUR-jacket
  • Resistant to: UV radiation, weathering, microbes, ammonia, MUD acc. to IEC 61892-Annex D


Conductor: bare copper conductor, finely stranded acc. to DIN VDE 0295 cl. 5 / IEC 60228 cl. 5

Stranding element:

4x0.5 mm2:

  • Conductor Insulation: PP
  • Conductor Colors: red, yellow, black, green (acc. to ISO 11783-2)
  • Conductors stranded in star quad formation
  • Wrapping with synthetic fleece

2x2.5 mm2:

  • Conductor Insulation: PVC
  • Conductor Colors: red, black

2x6/10/16 mm2:

  • Conductor Insulation: PVC
  • Conductor Colors: red, black
  • Stranding: conductors with optimal lay-lengths, with filler elements
  • Wrapping with fiber tape / synthetic fleece
  • Outer Jacket: TPU
  • Jacket Color: black (similar RAL9005)


The ISOBUS system is a robust hybrid cable used for agricultural vehicles and machines. Optimum performance materials enable long-term durability for deployment in agricultural technology. Customized construction solutions are available upon request.

Part No.: Conductor No. x Nominal Cross-Sec. mm2 Outer-Ø mm2 Cu-no kg/km Weight kg/km
17001249 2x6 + 2x2.5 + 1x4x0.5 12.7 182.4 280
17001528 2x6 + 2x2.5 + 1x4x0.5 15.3 182.4 350
17001250 2x10 + 2x2.5 + 1x4x0.5 15.3 259.2 410
17001251 2x16 + 2x2.5 + 1x4x0.5 16.8 374.4 530