Custom Cable Projects

Mobile Crane Cable for HMF

Mobile cranes made by the Danish company HMF are used in a wide range of applications, such as for towing away vehicles, transporting goods, or at construction sites.

Frauhofer Inspection Robot Cable

Cable robots that float in the air use little energy, are fast and inexpensive to operate, and can span large work areas.

Turntable Rescue Vehicles

HELUKABEL® was commissioned by Iveco Magirus to develop a cable for turntable ladder vehicles, such as fire engines.

Highly Resistant Fencing Cables

HELUKABEL® developed a cable for the Hungarian Fencing Association to provide consistent scoring, hit after hit.

Pipe Inspection Robot Cable

Highly specialised ultrasonic inspection robots comb pipelines in search of leaks and corrosion.

HK-SO-Roboflex - Channel Robot Cable

The HK-SO-Roboflex cable was designed, constructed and produced specifically for use in moist, constricted and dark channels.

Drag Kite for Fishing Trawler

HELUKABEL® developed a special drag cable with control cable to hold and steer the 160 m² kite.

Cable for Protecting the Aldabra Atoll

To achieve sustainable research, a hybrid system for power supply made of photovoltaics and a diesel engine was installed in October 2011. HELUKABEL® is very pleased to be able to provide a suitable special wire for this project.