Food & Beverage

Health and safety might only be the second most important aspect of food products for consumers, after flavor, but food quality is just as important. When it comes to ensuring food safety and avoiding potential food epidemics, strict standards are placed on plants and machinery, which we meet and exceed with our products.

For the processing and packaging machinery used in the food and beverage industry, HELUKABEL® also offers a wide range of control cables , power supply cables, glands , connectors and conduits . Each component is resistant to the range of chemical, thermal and physical stresses that lead to degradation, in order to deliver reliable, efficient performance. To maintain their cleanliness, these cables are resistant to all standard detergents used during the cleaning process.

To stay ahead of future customer demand, the cables mentioned below were tested in accordance with ECOLAB test PM 40-1, which requires cables to be completely immersed in the various cleaning/disinfecting substances for up to 28 days at constant room temperature. Upon completion, the test cables are then subjected to visual inspection to see if any swelling, brittleness or discoloring occurred.

Control Cables with ECOLAB Approvals

PVC Insulation

XLPE Insulation

We are partners with many of the leading companies in the food & beverage industry (see list to the right) to stay on top of new trends and best practices ensuring that we develop the most effective solutions that suit their specific needs.

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