CC-Link and CC-Link IE Approved Cables

Data cables for CC-Link industrial networking

HELUKABEL® has over five years of experience in providing you with various cable types suitable for your CC-Link network, all of which are approved by the CLPA organization. In addition to the classic red, three-conductor CC-Link cable, we also offer five CC-Link IE-approved versions that are capable of being used in static (PVC) and continuous-flex (PUR) applications. We also offer FRNC for halogen-free and low smoke requirements, as well as a halogen-free option for continuous-flex applications.


CC-Link is a Fieldbus system used in the areas of manufacturing and production machinery, industrial manufacturing cells or process control, applications, testing, sensors, and actuators. Developed by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in the late 90's, CC-Link enables industrial network devices from numerous manufacturers to communicate.

CC-Link Technical Overview & Products

CC-Link Technical Parameters

  • Max.10 Mbit/s network transmission
  • Based on RS485 with networks up to 3,937 ft (1.2 km), or extended to
    43,307 ft (13.2 km) with repeaters
  • 64 stations per network
  • Refresh time of <3.9mSecs for 65 I/O stations (distance dependent)
  • Master/Slave network with Floating Masters and hot swap of stations

HELUKABEL CC-Link Products

Fixed Installation

CC-Link IE

CC-Link IE uses Ethernet technology for seamless data exchange at all levels of a production company – from the control level down to the production level. It is available in various versions as a control network or as a Fieldbus, but is always based on the principle of CC-Link. The CC-Link IE Controller Network was designed for the rapid exchange of large amounts of data in a factory or production plant, while the CC-Link IE Field Network has been optimized for connecting a wide variety of devices and connecting them to other existing networks, for example the standard CC-Link. Not only does the network transmit control data, but it enables information processing for maintenance and diagnostics to improve collaboration and overall productivity.

CC-Link IE Technical Parameters, Industry Information and Products

CC-Link IE Technical Parameters

  • IEEE 802.3ab (1000 BASE-T) Ethernet standard
  • 1 Gbit/s Ethernet-based network transmission speeds
  • Ethernet physical layer (Category 5e or higher, straight cable with double shielded, STP)
  • Max. amount of connected network units: 254
  • 328 ft (100 m) between stations
  • Completely deterministic without using switches
  • Line, star or ring topologies


  • Using Ethernet in the industrial environment, causes the proprietary bus systems to be replaced by an open and integrated communication system.
  • Higher data transmission rates
  • Sourcing manufacturer-independent components
  • Eliminates the necessity of gateways in mixed operation

Industry and Areas of Application


  • Automotive
  • Paper processing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Packaging
  • Machine controls
  • Water treatment
  • Building automation

Areas of Application

IT & Control Infrastructure Level

  • Automation controls
  • Motion control units (status control) switches
  • PCs
  • Wireless LAN adapters
  • Remote & maintenance units
  • Cloud applications
  • Network printers

Field Level

  • Robots
  • HMI Touch Screens
  • Barcode Readers
  • Cameras
  • Inverters
  • Servomotors
  • Lamp/Light signal systems
  • Temperature controls


Fixed installation, Cat 5e

Fixed installation, Cat 6A

Halogen-free, fixed installation, Cat 7e

Oil resistant, halogen-free, fixed installation, Cat 7e

Cable track, oil resistant, halogen-free, Cat 7