Quality is One of HELUKABEL's Top Priorities

State-of-the-art testing equipment and testing processes ensure our high-quality standards.

HELUKABEL® offers our customers high-quality products according to multiple international standards and certifications.

All of HELUKABEL®’s certified products are monitored regularly by neutral test and certification centers. Our high-quality guarantee is backed by an integrated management system, which is implemented throughout our global network.

In the early 90’s, HELUKABEL® was one of the first companies in the industry to provide a management system certified according to ISO 9001:2008 standards, further showing our commitment to producing quality cable and wire products.

In 1999, we received DIN EN ISO 14001:2009 certification for our steps to ensure our quality management system met strict environmental standards.

Our customers can rest easy knowing that our production and logistic operations use the highest levels of technology. The ISO certificates provide visible proof of our quality and environmental efforts, which justifies the high confidence that customers have in the HELUKABEL® brand.

The testing equipment that ensures our quality standards

Cable Track Test Equipment

Rigorously tests products used in cable tracks that move short, medium and long distances at slow and fast speeds.

Test Tower for Wind Power Cables

The torison resistnace of all wind power cables is tested for 18,000 cycles in the custom-built HELUKABEL® 26-ft. test tower.

Fire Test Equipment

We regularly conduct fire tests in accordance with international standards such as UL/CSA, VDE, and HAR.

Scrape-Off Equipment

The durability of the outer jacket is tested for abrasion resistance in the scrape-off test.