Research & Development

Cables & Wires - made in Germany

We develop optimum cable solutions for our customers. The main focus of our products is on mobile use with a high level of vertical integration. Our customers expect extreme resistance to chemical, electrical and mechanical stresses, small bending radii, a high number of flexing cycles and an outstanding lifespan. Our engineers design cables that consistently meet and exceed these demands.

New products are tested in the state-of-the-art test centre in Windsbach to ensure their suitability for use and readiness for standard production. Our stringent quality standards are also upheld with measurements and random sample checks carried out during production.

HELUKABEL® is at the forefront of the of the cable and wire industry with new and unique cable designs. As technology improves, we are constantly being challenged to invent top-of-the-line products that meet our customers’ constantly changing requirements.

Research & Development

Cables & Wires - made in Germany

Drag chain test equipment

Rigorously tests products used in drag chains that move short, medium and long distances at slow and fast speeds.

Test tower for wind power cables

All torsion wind power cables are tested for 18,000 cycles in the custom-built HELUKABEL® 20-ft. test tower.

Fire testing equipment

We regularly conduct fire tests in accordance with international standards such as UL/CSA, VDE, HAR.

Scrape off equipment

The durability of the outer sheath is tested for abrasion resistance in the scrape off equipment.