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Test device for PROFIBUS segments
The test equipment is suitable for the error analysis of PROFIBUS DP segments. With its possibility to test these segments systematically without large effort, time-consuming individual tests are unnecessary.
Norms and standards
  • Connector PROFESSIONAL BUS RS485 (DB9 socket strip) and RS232 (DB9 socket strip)
  • Power supply with rechargeable battery pack 4.8V/1.500 mAh NIMH
  • Error detection in 3 steps: without closure, with one closure and with two closure
  • Short-circuit display A-B core with distance reading in meters
  • Short-circuit display A-B shield with distance reading in meters
  • Line and shield break display with distance reading in meters
  • Display for interchanged signal lines A-B
  • Display for incorrect or missing bus closures
  • Display for incorrect position of the bus connectors
  • Error due to inadmissible line length
  • Error in characteristic impedance
  • Incorrectly used cable type
  • Reflections
  • Error in sending and reception levels
  • Error due to use of inadmissible branch lines
Scope of delivery
Basic equipment in the sturdy service toolbox: 2 rechargeable batteries, international charging station, RS232 cable, PROFIBUS branch line, PROFIBUS T line, bus cutter, gender changer (3), documentation
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Measuring instrument for PROFIBUS NetTEST II