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Cables & Wires

Catalog - Cables, Wires & Accessories download

Brochure - Servo & Feedback Cables Selection Guide download

Brochure - UL/CSA Cables & Accessories Selection Guide download

Brochure - Industrial Automation Cable Selection Guide download

Brochure - NFPA 79-Compliant Cables for Factory Automation download

Brochure - Semiconductor Manufacturing Cables download

Brochure - Ship Wiring and Marine Cables download

Brochure - Spiral Cables stock program download

Brochure - MULTINORM wires download

Brochure - Power Cables & Medium-Voltage Cables download

Cable Accessories

Catalog - Cable Accessories download

Brochure - HELUTOP Easy download

Brochure - HELUTEC Signal and Power Connectors download

Brochure - HELUTOP download

Flyer - HELUTOP MS EP-4 download

Data, Network & Bus Technology

Catalog - Data, Network and Bus Technology download

Brochure - Overmold RJ45 & M12 Patch Cables download

Brochure - Industrial Ethernet Cables download

Brochure - DNB Cable Selection Tables download

Brochure - Bus System Cables download

Brochure - Pre-assembled Fiber-optic Cable Systems download

Flyer - RJ45 PROFINET Connectors download

Flyer - Bus Connection Plug PROFIBUS Sub-D download

CC-Link certified cables download

Media Technology

Catalog - Media Technology download

Flyer - DMX+POWER and Load Cable download

Brochure - HELUSOUND 500 + 600 download


Catalog - Robotic Protection Systems download

Wind Power

Catalog - Wind Turbine Cables and Accessories download


Solar Power

Flyer - Cable Solutions for Photovoltaic Systems download


DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 / DIN EN ISO 14001:2015
Sale of Cables - Wires - Accessories
English / German / French / Spanish / Czech / Dutch / Polish / Russian

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
Development, design and manufacturing of cables and wires
English / German


HELUKABEL USA Company Presentation download

HELUKABEL Information Data download

Confidentiality Agreement download

Inquiry Forms

Custom Fiber Optic Cable download

Custom Cable download

Spiral Cable download

Project Planning Sheet for Pre-assembled Cables download


Confirmation EU-Directive RoHS 2002/95/EG from 27.01.2003 (HELUKABEL®-Products) download

EU-Chemical Order 1907/2006 REACH, Cables & Wires download

Technical Information

International Approvals

AWG-Wires and AWG-stranded conductors, Conductor make-up, cross-section, resistance and weight download

Index British Standard download

List of UL-Styles download

US-American and British units, Conversion of usual measuring units download

European Directives

Explanatory notes on CE marking download

European Directives WEEE, RoHS and ElektroG download

Harmonized Identification download

International Certification Marks and Testing Institute download

Insulating and Sheath Materials

Characteristics of insulation and shielded materials download


Capacity of KTG-Pool drums download

Cable lengths (m) to KTG-Drums capacity of pool drums download

Cable Design

Halogen-free Security Cables and Wires download

Designation Codes for Cables & Wires

Comparison of harmonized cables with IEC, DIN VDE and HD download

Medium Voltage Power Cables

Electrical characteristics of XLPE-insulated Medium Voltage Power Cables, 6 – 30 kV download

Nominal Voltage / Operating Voltage

Nominal voltage and Operating voltage download


Terms and Conditions of Sale download

Privacy and Legal Notice download