Nanotechnology creates Lotus Effect on cable jackets

Permanently Clean Cable & Wires with the Lotus Effect

Using our innovative nanotechnology process we are improving all our cables for you - even the cables already in our extensive standard program. This surface finishing process uses nanotechnology to create a lotus effect on the cable's jacket, which prevents the adherence of harmful substances such as oils, greases, paints, and sludge.

Should there be any surface contamination, the cable can easily be wiped off using a cloth and water. If the soiling is heavier, high pressure washers and steam cleaners can also be used without the need of aggressive detergents, which over time can degrade the outer jacket and affect cable performance.

Cables and wires coated with CLEAN Plus are suitable for use in the medical, food and beverage industries.


  • Easy cleaning
  • No aggressive cleaning agents required
  • Suitable for use with high pressure and steam cleaners
  • Food safe
  • Very good non-stick properties

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