Infrastructure Cable Logistics Center

The Berlin warehouse is capabale of short delivery times for ground and medium-voltage cables.

Short delivery times are oftentimes imperative for ground and medium-voltage cables.

The Berlin warehouse indoor capacity has been expanded to 53,820 ft² with approx. 538,200 ft² outdoor open space. This means a significant increase in its already large supply of ground and medium-voltage cables from 1 to 30 KV, as well as infrastructure cables.

Furthermore, five new cutting machines with a load bearing capacity of up to 10 tons provide customized service and short delivery times.

Berlin warehouse figures

  • 11,000 cable drums in stock
  • Mechanical processing of drums up to 9 ft (diameter) and 10 t (weight)
  • 10 drum rewinding machines
  • Cable-cutting with state-of-the-art cutting tools