Lighter alternative: Aluminium

Aluminium cables and conductors have many advantages over conventional copper conductors: among others, they are much lighter and more cost effective.

HELUKABEL, global cable specialists, has a real alternative with the finely stranded “Powerline”. When selecting aluminium as the conductor material, there are a few things to consider. The lower conduc-tivity of aluminium requires conductor cross sections to be around one-third larger than a copper de-sign, and must be considered in the case of tight cable ducts. However, an aluminium conductor with 90° insulation can provide the same conductivity as a 70°-insulated copper conductor. The raw material is approximately 70 percent lighter than copper. That not only accommodates the weight reduction of all components required in many applications, but also makes installation easier when it is used in ca-bles. Even with applications that require a flexible cable connection, aluminium can be the first choice. With the HELUKABEL POWERLINE, a range of finely stranded products are available, which includes the proper connection technology. Because of the greater oxidising surface, the cable specialist recom-mends the C8 crimp when aluminium cables are used, which has been developed as a part of this range.