TOPSERV Hybrid - Single Cable Solution for Servo Motors

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In the drive technology field, single-cable solutions have been the hot topic among engineers for months. Some drive manufacturers have already tested this system so that it is ready for market, others are in the process of implementing this solution in their own systems, while others are only now evaluating if a single servo cable solution is feasible.

Until now, the servo motor and the servo controller have been connected by two cables, one servo cable for the power supply to the motor and one sensor cable for the transmission of location information. In the single-cable solution, the wires for the transmission of the sensor signal are integrated into the power cable, in other words, two cables are joined together to form a hybrid cable.

The prerequisite for using a single-cable solution between the servo motor and the servo controller is the use of a hardware-based encoder designed for this purpose. Since the encoder is permanently connected to the servo motor, this system must be made available to the end customer by the manufacturer of the servo motor. As part of this redesign, HELUKABEL®'s task as a cable manufacturer was to develop a functioning, long-lasting cable and produce it at their

factory in Windsbach/Germany. The issue of EMC, in particular, made this a big challenge, since the data pair integrated into the servo cable must be protected from interference created by the wires.

To this end, HELUKABEL® expanded its power cable program with two new families:


The hybrid cables from HELUKABEL® have been operating for over a year in the drag chain system at the test centre and have reached the five million cycle limit. The most important finding of this test is that even after five million cycles in a highly dynamic application, the data transmission quality remains excellent having successfully transmitted all the data packets in order for the motor to continue to function properly.

With the successful engineering and testing of the hybrid cables, HELUKABEL® remains on the cutting-edge of technological development and is the source for customers when it comes to single-cable solutions.

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