NANOFLEX® hygienic control power and data cables voted as "TOP PRODUCT OF 2013"

The NANOFLEX® recently received the "Wire Harness & Cable Connector Product of the Year" award for 2013 from Wire & Cable Technology Magazine

The NANOFLEX® product family has been voted as "TOP PRODUCT OF 2013" by the prestigious U.S. magazine "Wire & Cable Technology". The jury was amazed on the properties of the outer shell with its antimicrobial effect.

NANOFLEX® - Hygienic Cable

The food and beverage processing industry is one of the most highly regulated industries, making hygiene is crucial. To achieve complete hygiene protection and to produce high-quality products all operational procedures have to be monitored continuously. For these special environments we are now able to offer cables with an antimicrobial outer sheath. The specially formulated insulation material helps to prevent contamination from impurities and the growth of micro-organisms on the outer sheaths. The cable is resistant to all standard detergents and offers good cleaning properties.

A FCN (Food Contact Notifi cation) has been issued for the antimicrobial material used. A test certifi cate issued by the federal agency of material testing, which approves the antimicrobial properties is available.

Cable and Wire Technology Magazine

Read the January/February 2014 issue of Wire & Cable Technology magazine online. The NANOFLEX® appears on page 130.