Clean cables and wires thanks to the Lotus Effect

Permanently clean cable –
Cables and wires with the Lotus Effect

Using our innovative nanotechnology process we are improving all our cables for you - even retrospectively with the cables already in our extensive standard program. This surface finishing process creates an easy-to-clean surface on our cables and wires, making them suitable for use in the construction, medical, food and beverage industries. Even if your cable is contaminated with oil, paint, grease or mud, it can be easily cleaned by simply using water.


  • Easy cleaning
  • No aggressive cleaning agents required
  • Suitable for use with high pressure and steam cleaners
  • Food safe
  • Very good non-stick properties

CLEAN Plus Movie

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Today, nanotechnology refers to the research areas of chemistry, which includes cluster physics, surface physics, surface chemistry and semiconductor physics. The common term for these various areas of nano-research comes from the fact that they are concerned with the same order of magnitude, from individual atoms to a structure size of 100 nanometres (nm). A nanometre is one billionth of a metre.

The Lotus Effect
Many applications of nanotechnology focus on problems of everyday life. An example is the Lotus Effect, adapted from nature, which makes it possible for surfaces to be self-cleaning.