Cable Drum Management

The HELUKABEL® sustainability principle

The cable drum circulation

Protect the environment while lowering costs. This is how the HELUKABEL® sustainability principle can be summarised. However, what exactly does that mean?

Empty HELUKABEL® cable drums will be picked up at the job site - free of charge for German customers - and will either be placed back into circulation or be recycled in an environmentally sound manner. Re-using cable drums protects natural resources, saves costs and for every drum that is picked-up, HELUKABEL® will donate one euro to support environmental projects.

To register a cable drum for pick-up, complete the Online form. The drums will be picked up free of charge within four weeks. A monthly report of the cable drums that were made available will be provided to ensure that customers always have a summary of the current status of delivered drums.

Attention! This service applies only to customers in Germany