Aluminium Cables and Wires

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We have brought our know-how on the subject of aluminium cables and conductors and our product range together for you in a new catalogue. On a total of 108 pages, we offer a comprehensive overview of our aluminium cables and their advantages..

Find out more about aluminium as a conducting material, and about its characteristics and special processing features in comparison with copper:

  • The advantages of aluminium compared to copper
  • Optimal contact with the C8 crimp
  • Compatibility with metals with purer electromechanical properties
  • Processing and connection technology

In the printed version, the catalogue includes an extensive chapter containing current capacity tables with VDE information.

Aluminium Cables & Wires - Introduction

Learn more about the topic of aluminium cables and conductors. Find out when and why aluminium represents an alternative to copper.

Aluminium as a conductor material

The material characteristics of aluminium are considerably different than those of copper. These differences must be taken into consideration when processing a cable and selecting connection components.

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