POWER #07 / 2017

The Rainmakers

The Pröhl company makes sure the turf at the Iffezheim Racecourse is kept crisp and green even during hot summers.

The Joy of Driving Without Emissions

Hydrogen fuelling stations from Linde for zero-emission mobility.

Agile delivery

Customers who place orders with HELUKABEL do not need to exercise patience.

Meticulous down to the smallest detail

Inntal Kabel’s managing director Michael Stadler thinks machine builders shouldn’t worry about electronic component assembly.

Cables Are More Than Just C-parts

Thomas Mann HELUKABELs Chief Technology Officer (CTO) explains what fascinates him about his field, discusses development trends, and highlights the importance of in-depth testing.

More safety in the event of fire

HELUKABEL has a large product portfolio of cables and wires that meet the Construction Production Regulation EU 305/2011.

Treasure Hunting Made Easy

OKM GmbH has made what treasure hunters, well drillers and archaeologists have long been dreaming of: a look below ground without heavy equipment.

Complete Lift-Off

At VEGA Grieshaber, a KABELMAT coil winding machine floats from rack to rack as light as a feather.

Welcome to Canada

HELUKABEL Canada: customer proximity despite great distances.

Two Helpers at the Fairy Tale Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle is an architectural masterpiece situated in a stunning location.