POWER #04 / 2016

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"With us, everything’s got to be quick"

As a purchaser at Eisenmann USA, the plant manufacturer, Matthias Heydlauff has to be very demanding when selecting suppliers. In a joint interview with Markus Dannheim, President at HELUKABEL USA, he describes what makes a good partnership.

Beer production thanks to the power of data

Data gushes along in front of the beer because without IT, Krombacher Brewery’s processes would not flow smoothly. The right cabling is essential and must also withstand broken glass.

At home in the seaport

Elektrotechnik Janssen, ABB Crane Systems and Hans Künz Krane supply fully automated container cranes for transport hubs around the world. HELUKABEL is there as well.

Just-in-time with the assembly line

Without its close partnership with cable manufacturer, Eisele Elektronik GmbH, the assembly and cabling of machines and equipment at HOMAG group’s Schopfloch factory would not run so smoothly. HELUKABEL produces the cables and wires.

The directive will apply

In recent years, Kabelmat’s Technical Manager, Armin Merkt, took a thorough and critical look at the MID Directive 2004/22/EC and its transition into national law in the new Weights and Measures Act. He explains what it involves and what the resulting changes will be.

Balancing on a drum

HELUKABEL sponsors cable drums for the Berlin Trials Cup.

What do the abbreviations UL and TC-ER mean on cables, and why is it important?

South not North

rtist Maria Euler challenges human perception of science and culture by turning the points of the compass upside down with a coil made of cables.

Welcome to the United States

Home of the “worry-free cable experience“

The right choice

Cables for meetings, conferences and telephone calls:

Powerful sound for the whole building

Revox’s Voxnet audio system not only looks great but also sounds perfect thanks to HELUKAT 600 S/FTP FRNC cables

Sunny business

Solar farms using inverters produced by Spanish-based Ingeteam, are fitted with HELUKABEL’s FIVENORM hook-up wires.