POWER Issue #2 / 2015

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Power provided by sunlight

In the middle of Frankfurt the largest apartment building in the world is built, which will produce more energy than it consumes.

Partnership with Ford

Five cable types from HELUKABEL will be used by Ford in their future production operations.

Making one from two

The uses of the hybrid Ethernet cable include controlling cameras.

All on one roof

A number of ALDI distribution centres and sales outlets produce their own power for cold storage, lighting and tills.

Three-handed robot

So that car manufacturers can use their robots even more effectively, Robotec Systems has developed a new energy supply system.

They work in case of fire

Three fire suppressors ensure optimal fire protection at SMS Siemag AG – even if the power cables are in the fire.

Dubai, Oslo, Frankfurt

Robust cables are lifelines for aeroplanes on the ground. Thanks to Cavotec and HELUKABEL, the cables can withstand rough conditions.

Drum up, ready, go!

Cutting to length made easy: Löffelhardt opts for the new large drum system from Kabelmat.

“Industry 4.0 needs intelligent cable”

Horst Messerer on the cable technology requirements for the smart factory of the future.

Fresh wind from the Eifel Mountains

A new medium-voltage cable distributes wind energy underground to surrounding households from the wind farm Schleiden-Schöneseiffen.

Ultimate construction site

The Coop wholesale and retail group is expanding its logistics centre with special cables from HELUKABEL.