POWER #06 / 2017

Projects only a few dare to attemp

Special orders are part of Elektro-Projekt Mittweida GmbH‘s daily business. Nevertheless, a custom job like this switch cabinet container for a steel mill is something Hubert Timmel doesn‘t encounter every day.

Dirty Work for Clean Energy

Below ground at a wind farm is just as exciting as what is above. Installing kilometres of medium-voltage cable is a complex business for structural engineering experts such as Schulte-Perk. We paid a visit to the building site.

Turning Two Into One

Single cable solutions for servomotors are becoming increasingly popular as they require less connection technology, which leads to quicker installations and overall cost savings.

More than two is series production

With complex, custom-built machinery, MECOS Welding Installations has established its own foothold in the market. Because speed and quality are essential for survival, the company trusts in HELUKABEL.

Foreign Adventure

As part of HELUKABEL‘s cooperation with Stuttgart Cooperative State University, three students were sent to subsidiaries in South Africa, Thailand and the USA. Here, they talk about their experiences.

Elaborate Lighting for Special Occasions

Talent shows, concerts or exhibition Booths always try to impress their visitors with spectacular lighting effects.

Semper Opera House

In the summer of 2016, the Semper Opera House in Dresden inaugurated a new 160-seat theatre as its second performance venue.

Carbon neutral in Colombia using solar power

Columbian pharmaceutical services company Audifarma wishes to set an example by becoming the first carbon neutral company in its region.

Sunny Delivery

85,000 solar modules across 41 hectares (101 acres), an area more or less the size of 41 football fields, delivering up to 22 megawatts.

Strong Helpers

With the new LAGBOI generation users can look forward to more cable processing possibilities and greater stability.

Over the Oceans

On board of the luxury liner Ovation of the Seas the best entertainment is guaranteed, even during long days at sea, thanks to cables and wires from HELUKABEL.

Welcome to Sweden!

HELUKABEL AB: a reliable partner with long-standing experience.