POWER #05 / 2016

Endurance tests for the wind industry

In order to harness the power of the wind, several cables need to function reliably and fulfil many different technical requirements. For the continual development of turbines used all over the world, W2E collaborates with HELUKABEL.

No upper limit!

Forklifts from Hubtex are the ideal solution for moving long, bulky and heavy goods. The medium-sized company based in Fulda, Hessen, Germany, manufactures tailored products, providing a clear advantage over other companies that mass-produce material handling vehicles.

Training, research, testing

EBZ Group provides engineering services for production systems worldwide. The Training Cell in McCalla, Alabama is where EBZ electricians and pipe fitters come for internal training on PLCs and robots, and where EBZ researches and develops better processes.

High-Octane Motorsports

HELUKABEL supports the High-Octane Motorsports Team from the University of Erlangen, Germany, which regularly participates in the international Formula Student racing competition by providing cables, wires and accessories.

Jason walks again

Robotic exoskeletons from American company Ekso Bionics help patients with stroke and spinal cord injuries to stand upright and walk again. These devices are controlled through a user interface connected by a cable from HELUKABEL.

SASO certified for Saudi Arabia

A wide range of product groups from HELUKABEL have been pre-certified in accordance with the specifications of the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) since 2015.

How to deal with cable drums

A specially manufactured cable drum warehouse from Kabelmat provides an enormous amount of storage space and brings structure to the warehouse logistics system of h.team GmbH + Co.KG.

Welcome to South Korea!

A small, dedicated HELUKABEL team takes care of its customers on-site in South Korea, where technological advances are the norm.

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Issue #05 / 2016

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