POWER edition #1 / 2014

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Swing like Spiderman

Cable robots that float in the air They use little energy, are fast and inexpensive to operate, and can span large work areas.

Building on a building

Twenty teams of students at the Solar Decathlon in Versailles took up the challenge of designing residential buildings that are capable of meeting their entire energy requirements using solar power.

The perfect fit

Mobile cranes made by the Danish company HMF are used in a wide range of applications.

Where the music is heard

Elbe Philharmonic Hall: The items to be installed in the concert hall include HELUKABEL’s JZ-600 HMH-C flexible cables for controlling the lighting, sound and stage direction

All in one line

Highly specialised ultrasonic inspection robots comb pipelines in search of leaks and corrosion.

A better view for Channel 2

Flame retardant, halogen free, non-toxic, durable, drum-windable and abrasion resistant. Load cables used in lighting rigs must display all of these features. Customer ZDF was the first to use the special HELUEVENT® cable in a TV production.

Lifeline for robots

The robots take 57 seconds to build a door for the new BMW X1. They should do this fault free for up to seven years. This is hard work even for the robotic tool’s energy supply systems from HELUKABEL subsidiary Robotec Systems.

Cable lengths at the touch of a button

Purchasing goods online is recording rapid growth not only in the consumer sector but also in the industrial space. Distributors such as TIM in particular are benefiting from this. To be able to meet the increased demands in the area of cables and wires with a 24-hour delivery guarantee, a cable cutting system from Kabelmat is used.