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Industrial Ethernet Switch Spider 1TX/1FX  Part no. 802851
Technische Eigenschaften
Hirschmann Spider small
Způsob montáže
Montáž připevňovací lišty / průmyslové prostředí
105.00  grain
The industrial media converter series of "IL-MC" fulfills the highest requirements of protection against interferences. The converters can be operated either individually or together with a system power supply. In this case, the feed is doen through the base bus of the devices. In individual operation, the 24V supply voltage is connected to plugable c-clamps. The converters are equipped with link diagnostics, which supervises the operating status of the connected cable connection and terminals separately for the TP and fibre-optic port. An integrated MDI/MDI x change-over switch permits simple adaption to the TP wiring on site.