We work with our customers who require robotic automation in their operations to develop pre-assembled cable protection systems for robots. ...


90°C UL-approved Servo and Feedback Cables

An interview with Thomas Pikkemaat, Windsbach plant business manager and drive technology product manager, on HELUKABEL's servo and feedback cables with 90°C UL approval. ...


Enhancing Satety and Performance

10,000 torsion cycles at a time ...


Cable Selection Guide for Industrial Automation

Order your copy today and arrive at the proper cable product quick ad easy. Cable Selection Guides for Industrial Automation are located in the Cable & Wire section of the publication order form. ...


Our Bestsellers Just Got Even Better!

TRAYCONTROL 600 & 600-C now have Oil Resistance II approval. ...


Welcome to HELUKABEL Canada

HELUKABEL® is your one-stop solution provider for cables, wires and cable accessories in Canada. Our wide range of UL/CSA approved cables and wires includes: flexible tray cable for both stationary and flexing applications, high-flex robotic cable for continuous flexing applications, VFD/servo cable, and network bus cable.

An extensive product portfolio, containing over 33,000 line items, can be used in a wide range of market segments and industrial applications. With a centrally-located warehouse in the Greater Toronto Area, combined with a vast global network, HELUKABEL® can deliver your order within extremely short lead times.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Vast Product Portfolio - 30,000+ products in stock
  • Custom Cable Manufacturing Available
  • Domestic & International Shipping
  • Dedicated Customer Support