Canada Distribution Hub

Centrally-located in the Greater Toronto Area, our facility stocks 600 line items, which allows our staff to package and ship most orders within the same business day.

Additionally, our proximity to one of Canada’s busiest transportation hubs allows your order to arrive within as little as two business days.

Global Logistics Hub

Cable industry logistics redefined

HELUKABEL® operates Europe's largest state-of-the-art distribution centre for cables and wires. The majority of our 33,000+ products are stocked at our Hemmingen warehouse near Stuttgart / Germany.

Employing a just-in-time strategy, cutting-edge material handling and control technology is used to process thousands of orders from more than 40,000 pallet storage locations. In addition, our fully-automated, small-parts warehouse increases our ability to complete orders as fast as possible for our customers throughout the world.

Facts and Figures

Main Warehouse

  • 40,500 pallet storage locations
  • 16 aisles with 16 storage-and-retrieval units
  • Cable reels up to max. 3,300 lbs. and max. 1.40 m diameter
  • Material handling systems linked directly to the cutting machines

Heavy-Load Warehouse

  • 670 storage locations
  • 1 aisle with 1 storage-and-retrieval unit
  • Cable reels up to max. 8,800 lbs. and max. 2.20 m diameter
  • Material handling systems linked directly to the cutting machines

Automated, Small-Parts Warehouse

  • 35,900 bin locations
  • 6 aisles with 6 storage-and-retrieval units each with 2 load handling devices
  • Output: 1,000 bins per hour

HELUKABEL Expands its Logistics Centre

With a new building costing $50 million, HELUKABEL® doubled the warehousing capacity at its headquarters in Hemmingen (near Stuttgart), setting the course for continued growth.