Find the proper UL/CSA-certified cables and wires with our selection tables

HELUKABEL offers machine and system engineers an extensive product portfolio of UL/CSA-certified cables and wires for projects in the USA and Canada. These range from single conductor to medium-voltage cables and are available from stock at our warehouse in Germany and from our subsidiaries in Chicago and Toronto.

In order to facilitate your choice of the appropriate cables and wires, you can refer to the PDF document under the link below. Click on the cable type in the PDF to jump directly to the relevant datasheet (click on the logo at the bottom of the page to go back to the selection table).

The selection table allows you to compare the following product characteristics:

  • Temperature range
  • Nominal voltage
  • Bending radius
  • Halogen free
  • UV resistance
  • Application (outdoors, drag chain, etc.)
  • Core colour
  • Screening
  • Approvals

Just click on a product within the selection table to jump to the data sheet